The Cedar Springs Creative Spirit Revival

April 29 - May 5, 2012



Conducted by Janis & Henry Reed


"We invite you to join us in our favorite activities that we personally use to cultivate our relationship with the Creative Spirit."


Making Spirit Boxes, Chakra Openings, and Mandalas

Spirit Boxes:

We began with a round paper box. On the box top, we first wrinkled up a white sheet of paper, while saying a prayer that Creative Spirit would speak to us in the wrinkles. On the rest of the box, we randomly placed pieces of colored tissue paper. When the boxes were dry, we took them outside, and with the help of a partner, we meditated on the patterns and discovered stories about our relationship with Creative Spirit. The boxes were kept as a holder for talismans related to Creative Spirit.

Chakra Opening Dances: Throughout the week, we enjoyed movement exercises to music. These were designed to clear each chakra and allow it to communicate to the participant the best relationship to that chakra for enhanced creative functioning. Given three minutes to color the impression received, these sketches were some of the results.

As part of our fun with the chakra dances, we were also learning how easy it is to open our imagination through the use of movement. When we'd go on our countryside strolls, we would enjoy this added awareness, finding ourselves in more intimate communication with our surroundings.

A special highlight of the week was a watercolor mandala workshop. Most of our participants had  no previous watercolor experience. Henry provided everyone with a set of "high end, artist quality" materials, and guided us every step of the way. It was a lesson in improvisation, in learning how to enjoy the flow of watercolors on paper, and an exercise in balance and symmetry. We learned how little easy steps, improvised each time, could add up to a surprising final effect. We were very pleased with the results. We learned that even without knowing in advance what we would achieve, by taking little small steps, enjoying the process, we could become channels of Creative Spirit.

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