The Cedar Springs Creative Spirit Revival

April 29 - May 5, 2012

Conducted by Janis & Henry Reed


"We invite you to join us in our favorite activities that we personally use to cultivate our relationship with the Creative Spirit."

April 29 - May 5, 2012


Big House

Five Day Residential Sanctuary for Inviting the Creative Spirit to Renew Us in Our Lives

Revival Held at Big House Lodge, Mountain Valley Farm, Cedar Springs, Virginia

Field Trip to Stargate Longevity Center and Spa


Creative Spirit Revivals Testimonials:

Last year I was going through some emotional turmoil involving relationships and life purpose. Before any thoughts of the Big House, I'd picked up a journal book at a discount store. The bright sky-blue cover attracted me with its picture of a welcoming doorway: Beyond the panes a golden pathway beckons through a dense forest. Purple scrollwork frames the book edges, with a scattering of purple flowers, golden leaves, a hummingbird. Before you can push open the double door into the woods, you'll have to step over a bank of delicate purple and white flowers, flanked by brilliant lemon/lime poppy-like blooms tipped in orange. The impression is of a healing garden, like one of Henry's mandalas. Above the door are these words: Follow your heart and it will lead the way to your true spirit. When I arrived at the Big House, the bright yellow sign on the glass-paned double door said: Welcome, Creative Spirit Revival, Come on In! I remember telling Henry -- when he asked me how I was feeling as our group packed up for home: "I feel like I wanted to feel." I wanted to feel the joy again, of being in the flow of life, knowing I'm on the right path, believing again that all things are possible.Working with Janis and Henry, within the comfort and hospitality of the Big House Inn and hosts Sandy and John LaPrelle, was like walking through the door into that healing garden.  R&R&R&R: A respite of rest, relaxation, renewal, and re-alignment.  Adventuring together, one in spirit, in reviving the creative spirit within, bringing home beautiful tools for our ongoing journey of discovery, of becoming, and being, ourselves. I've lots to write about in my journal. I followed my heart and it led me to the Big House.Seeing with new eyes now, I can confidently proceed on that golden path, just being me." Susan Gail Parcheta

Creative Spirit Revival is a perfect name for this week-long retreat at the Big House Lodge. I experienced the creativity of tuning in to the chakras to fine music and making a drawing about it; the creativity of dancing to music the way it moved me and putting such sensations into a picture; the creativity of telling my mind what to dream about, jotting down those dreams and putting the feelings of it into a sketch. It was grand to be part of Janis's communing with nature and let my body move as it wanted while communicating with the trees and feeling like a tree. It was uplifting to my spirit to share what I thought, felt, dreamed, while others listened and to in turn validate others as they shared of themselves in these activities. Henry's professional water-color instruction for making mandalas was an unexpected bonus as well as June Collier's Astrology expertise. Sandy and John LaPrelle's fine meals throughout these days as we sat around a table like family in one joint conversation, were like meals that I've always wanted them to be. In the evening, most of us would gather in the living room for casual, sharing conversations--friends eager to reunite in the evening even though we had shared a full schedule of meaningful activities throughout the day. All this was a validation of my being and I now still reflect on remembering this validation, draw on it, in these many days after Creative Spirit Revival." Sylvia Moran

"My expectations of the Spirit Revival week was unparalleled with any other experienced in my 20-year path to enlightenment, including my trip to Peru with Henry & Janis. Time has a way of disappearing in the mountains, especially when you are immersed in the wonderful activities presented for all of the guests to participate in. We also found new meaning in the term "The Big House." It can be a wonderful experience when supported by the owners John and Sandy LaPrelle. The participants were made to feel quite special with the attention to detail and fantastic, yet healthy food, provided with our accommodations.  The camaraderie with the other participants was unexpected. The classes that we took, the dancing, drawing and painting were great...and we learned a lot about ourselves and the others that were there. I'm looking forward to being able to go again to the " Big House" with Henry, Janis, John and Sandy." Carol Davis

"It was a wonderful group and I think we were meant to be there together." Phyllis Inman

"The week was awesome. Wonderful. Fulfilled all my expectations and more! I'd like to do it again!!!" Susan Marie Mapes

"I appreciate the thoughtfulness you put into the design of the week and your OPEN HEART and sharing with us. I am still enjoying a calm feeling, even after going back to work! I learned more about meditating from a new perspective using movement, art, music, sounds, etc. to awaken the creative spirit and then going into meditation. It was great!" Laura Jones




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