No Boundaries

An exploration of the non-local self in the coming world crisis in boundaries.


We are entering a period with a crisis in boundaries. Ecology, Economics, the Global Village, the E-World, and other developments are eroding our normal conception of boundaries. As ESP is accepted as a reality, as the concept of the non-local self is accepted, the normal concept of the boundary that defines an individual will undergo a crisis.

This web site is devoted to research on how to navigate this crisis in boundaries in the most gracious manner, in a way that will help individuals come to develop a better relationship with Creative Spirit so that they can contribute their own individuality to the oneness we are.


Crisis in Boundaries by Henry Reed, Ph.D.

There's No hiding from those Who Love You: ESP and Family Secrets by Henry Reed, Ph.D.

Getting Steamed: Psychic Invasion or Co-Dependent Affinity? by Henry Reed, Ph.D.

Battered Boundaries: Transpersonal Counseling for People with Intrusive Psychic Experiences by Henry Reed, Ph.D.

Boundaries In The Mind And Interpersonal Psi , by Douglas G. Richards, Ph.D.