Examples of Using Intuition





What are the different ways in which intuition can be applied? There are, as Edgar Cayce suggests, as many ways to apply intuition as there are people. To stimulate your imagination and thinking on this subject, several links are listed below in which someone is suggesting a use of intuition. Sometimes the website is suggesting that you can develop this ability for yourself, other websites are advertising services in which the promoter’s own intuition will be used to help you in some fashion. Browse these sites and collect some impressions about the variety of ways in which intuition might be applied.

Browse through these links for ideas about applying intuition:

Assignment #9 (Assignment #8 has been eliminated)

Which applications of intuition appealed to you the most? Did any bother you? What others would you like to see? Are there any limits, or should there be, on the applications of intuition?

Email your comments to your friends and ask them for a reaction to your ideas.